We are currently developing the first-generation products (including airworthiness-oriented redundancy FCS, airborne integrated navigation system, etc.) which are targeted at markets such as passenger and cargo eVTOL, STOL and CTOL. The applicable models will also be expanded to conventional fixed-wing aircraft soon.

Applicable Platforms

Support Multiple Aircraft Layout

  • Multicopter
  • Ducted Vector Thrust
    Ducted Vector Thrust
  • Lift+Cruise
  • Tilt Rotor
    Tilt Rotor
  • Followed Certification Requirements01

    We follow certification requirements in R3 development. Our system architecture, CPUs, and RTOS are certifiable. We will support OEMs in completing the airworthiness certification process.

  • Support Multiple Layout02

    R3 is suitable for Part 23 aircraft and large UAVs with high-level safety requirements. We can support all kinds of A/C layouts, including multi-copter, ducted vector thrust, lift+cruise, tilt rotors, and conventional fixed-wing aircraft. 

  • Intelligence and Autonomy03

    The R3 system offers an autopilot, flight mission management, and health monitor in addition to being a fly-by-wire system. The primary features include inner/outer loop flight control laws, automatic takeoff and landing, health monitoring, online diagnosis, flight data recording, etc.

  • Meet the Demand for Electrified A/C04

    We embraced high-performance computing, extensive I/O, compatibility, scalability, and ongoing upgrades in product design to enable electrified A/C. We allow 8 CANs and 20+ additional I/O types. We can also support customization.

Boundary Cube
  • Safe Software01

    We developed the software following safety-critical software design assurance process (DO-178C/DO-331) with complete envelope protection and full-state closed-loop control implementation

  • Versatile Mission02

    It can support fully automatic flight from takeoff to landing, including waypoint fight, go-home, diversion, etc. It can also support specific flight mission such as mapping, surveillance, line patrol, etc.

  • Reliable Hardware03

    We use high reliable grade components and build redundancy in critical parts such as sensors, power supply. In addition, we have conducted variety of tests to ensure robustness to adverse environmental conditions

  • Extended I/O04

    A wide variety of inputs and outputs, RS232, CAN Bus, PWM, Analog, Digital I/O, etc. are available and we can expand the I/Os according to customer requirements. It also supports peripheral inputs such as SBUS, GPS and PPS

  • Functions and Sensors01

    · Multi-source combination navigation system mainly based on inertial device IMU and integrated with GNSS, atmospheric data unit, magnetic induction unit, etc

    · Full-system, full-frequency GNSS high-precision positioning and orientation module, high-performance MEMS IMU device

    · Abundant atmospheric data and earth magnetic field sensors, coupled with internal earth magnetic field correction models

    · Customized baud rate and message output frequency, selectable message output types

    · Supports external GNSS and IMU data injection

  • Integrity and Availability02

    · PBIT,CBIT coverage at different system levels (algorithms, software and hardware)

    · Well-developed fault detection and warning system to fulfill real-time monitoring of the navigation status to achieve high-level navigation integrity

    · Multi-level navigation degradation algorithms to cope with complex external environments

  • Environmental Adaptability and Maintenance03

    · Lightweight, small size, low power consumption

    · Meets DO-160G requirements

    · Allows replacement of external equipment modules

  • Compatibility04

    · Referring to the aviation industry's navigation output standard, it is perfectly compatible with Boundary.AI's FCSs and flight management systems

    · Multiple BN100 navigation systems allow redundancy processing in the FCS

Engineering </br>Services

We provide flight control and avionics technical services for eVTOL design teams and manufacturers throughout the design, certification and production processes, including customized software function development, avionics module testing, system integration, and flight test campaign support, post-flight data analysis etc. We devoted to be solid partners, and help our clients to design, test, certify and commercialize the product.

  • 01
    Professional Technical Team Professional Technical Team
    Professional Technical Team

    We are a group of experts in many domains including flight control, sensor data fusion, embedded systems, software, electronic hardware and system verifications, who worked together for many years. Moreover, we have a deep understanding of aviation standards and regulations.

  • 02
    Extensive Project Experience Extensive Project Experience
    Extensive Project Experience

    We have developed guidance, navigation and flight control systems applied on various platforms, especially in eVTOL, ranging from 50kg to more than 1 ton. Our systems has accumulated almost 1 million flight hours.

  • 03
    Rapid Demand Response Rapid Demand Response
    Rapid Demand Response

    As a professional team with rich experience in eVTOL, we always respond to customer needs promptly. Additionally, we can complete product customization development and conduct verification with high efficiency, especially in prototype development phase.

  • 04
    Flexible Cooperation Mode Flexible Cooperation Mode
    Flexible Cooperation Mode

    We provide different modes of cooperation including COTS sales, customized software and hardware development, engineering consulting services, on-site engineering services, realizing mutual benefit and win-win.